Download for more tips the manual


- take the firebasket with supplied handle;
- put three kindlings under the firepbasket and light them;
- wait five minutes;
- fill the basket half way with briquettes;
- put again three kindlings and light them;
- fill the basket completely;
- Wait with grilling till the basket is well on fire.


- tack the chicken in the middle of the pin;
- check this by putting the top on a piece of wood and turn;
- the chicken should not imbalance and should turn easily.


- after finishing your favourite course the
KipGrill® is easy to   dismantle;
- don’t use your dishwasher but simply clean the parts with   water and soap.


- store the KipGrill® in a dry and clen place.


- Look onto the recipe page.

Give away

- The KipGrill® is an ideal give away, Many companies have   presented it